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My green home - recipients of the project

Kindergarten No. 58 in Wrocław

It is located in two modern, one-storey buildings, in the residential of Muchobór Mały - at 322 Strzegomska St. and 64b Szkocka St. From October 2006 the Kindergarten is one of the institutions that promote health and safety.

Participation in the project, "My Green HOME" allows to shape, develop and promote interest in nature, raise environmental expertise and talents among the youngest participants in the project. The project preschoolers participate in excursions, field work, environmental workshops, eco picnics, contests, trips to the zoo and to the botanical garden and to Humanitarium in Wrocław.

Thanks to the project the teaching aids have been purchased for kindergarten to carry forward and develop the environmental awareness through the children. It will be also created a nature trail, and preschoolers under the guidance of teachers will learn how to plant and cultivate the plants.

Substantive project coordinator: Maria Czerwińska.

Primary School No. 22 in Wrocław

It is located at 143 Stabłowicka Street. It was founded just after the Second World War and since then has been housed in the same building. There are plans in 2015 to start a construction of new School-Preschool complex at Stabłowicka St. and the Primary School No. 22 will be moved to this new complex.

During the project students of SP No. 22 are taking part in trips, "green schools", workshops, wheels interests of natural and ecological profile, lectures, joining eco picnics, contests, trips to the zoo, botanical garden and to Humanitarium in Wrocław.

The teaching aids, purchased under the project, are very helpful for students to assimilate the knowledge about nature and enrich teaching methods.

Substantive coordinator of project: Dorota Safian.

School Complex No. 24 in Wrocław - Leśnica

It is housed in an iconic building at 51-55 Pawła Eluarda Street. It consists of Secondary School No. 12 and Floristic Secondary School No. 17 in the profession of educating florist.

By participating the project "My Green HOME" students of the School No. 24 have access to modern teaching aids and modernized floristic/ natural rooms. They also take part in many ecological activities, like trips to "green schools", excursions, workshops and environmental field, circles of interest, lectures about ecology, eco picnics, competitions and tours to the zoo, botanical garden and to Humanitarium in Wrocław.

For School Complex No. 24 will be set up educational nature trail that will become part of the local landscape.

Substantive coordinator of project : Ewa Baran.

School Complex No. 4 National Education Commission in Wrocław

It is located at 210-218 Powstańców Śląskich St. Among the School Complex No. 4 are: Middle School No. 38, Secondary School No. XXIV, High School Sports Championship No. I and Technical School No. 4.

Within the project "My Green HOME" for the School Complex No. 4 will be created laboratory with professional teaching equipment, including heat pumps, photovoltaic modules, kits for experiments. The lab will also be open and free to use for educational purposes for other Wroclaw’s educational institutions. Until now, it has been renovated a studio, where students can deepen their knowledge about renewable energy sources.

It will be also created an educational path "Renewable energy sources" with photovoltaic panel and solar system. Students are broadening their ecological knowledge by participation in pro-ecological lectures, leaded by university lecturers and by joining eco picnics and ecological competitions.

Substantive coordinator of project: Anna Pieńkowska